Michael W. -60 kg
I was far too big! In March 2010 I weighed more than 160 kg. I knew it could not go on like this. My goal was to weigh less than 100 kg within half a year. What can I say? I did it!
Kathryn M. -100 lbs
I met with Melanie and she made me feel so comfortable. So together we came up with my start date which was Valentine's Day. Every question I have asked she's been there to help me, she's amazing.
Adam T. -197 lbs
At this time he was drinking
2 liters of pop every single day, and eating a diet rich in carbohydrates and sugars.
Jennifer R. -35 kg
Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 25 years old and weighed 110 kg when I started Metabolic Balance® at the beginning of the year.


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The individual nutrition concept

Metabolic Balance® has been proven to have an effect on the whole body. Over 2/3 of participants in our study have complete confidence in our programme.

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New and exclusive to Metabolic Balance® Check your plan is an original! Here you can certify, that your individual nutrition plan is genuine, and that it has been generated by Metabolic Balance®.

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Quality is always at the heart of our business

We feel it is necessary to guarantee our quality to both our clients and business partners. Our ISO 9001 Certification is therefore important to us. In addition, we have been awarded the HARWARD® Health Award for our Corporate Health Management.

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