Metabolic Balance® Care

Personal coaching in your area

Metabolic Balance® Care is our nutrition program with individual supervision.
A specially trained Metabolic Balance® coach in your locality will support you personally with your plan. During your individual consultations, your coach will focus on you and identify your individual needs. Most Metabolic Balance® Coaches are Doctors, Nutritionists and Naturopaths. But you will also find Dietitians, Psychologists and other health care professionals providing Metabolic Balance®.

Metabolic Balance® Care includes:

  • Preliminary consultation
  • Blood test
  • Your individual nutrition plan
  • Explanation of your new plan
  • Regular follow-up appointments
  • Response to any questions you may have

Please go to all the appointments that are included in your package price (7 in all) to ensure that you receive all the support you need to reach your individual goal. Metabolic Balance® coaches work independently, therefore Metabolic Balance® has no influence over individual pricing.

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