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Experiences, as individual as the plan itself

Metabolic Balance® means something different to everyone. While for one, it might mean fitting into a smaller dress size, for another it might mean no longer needing to take medication for diabetes. Although everyone here has more vitality, their stories couldn't be more different.

Evelyn Fraser

I think you become lost in everyday life, and I needed that moment above to realize how I was really feeling. I was tired, I struggled every morning to get out of bed, and go down a flight of stairs.

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Janice Breen

When I got to my appointment my doctor said “How long have you been Diabetic?” I said I’m not diabetic! I didn’t believe him so I have more blood work done with another doctor and he said “Indeed you are diabetic”.

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Michael Rhodes

I was far too big! In March 2010 I weighed more than 160 kg. I knew it could not go on like this. My goal was to weigh less than 100 kg within half a year. What can I say?

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Jennifer R.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am 25 years old and weighed 110 kg when I started Metabolic Balance® at the beginning of the year.

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Peter K.

When I stand in front of the mirror now, I think I am much better looking than I was a year ago. My arms seem to hang where they are supposed to again! But there's even more...

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Kerstin P.

Hello, my name is Kerstin. I come from Mardorf and I am a physiotherapist. I used to be a good handball player and trained almost every day. However, I was never slender.

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Ane P.

This is the story of my weight loss and a life change with Metabolic Balance....

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Kathryn M.

I started with Melanie Hesketh at the beginning of this year. I was very nervous to do this but I knew I had to lose weight.

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Joel D.

I feel in debt to metabolic balance and my coach Melanie Hesketh for making my life for the better. It has improved my lifestyle, health and confidence.

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Adam T.

Adam Turner is a 36 year old male from Toronto, Ontario. When his trainer met him in August of 2011, he weighed in at 471lbs.

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