Success Story

When his trainer met him in August of 2011,
he weighed in at 471lbs.

At this time he was drinking 2 liters of pop every single day, and eating a diet rich in carbohydrates and sugars.
His trainer, Noreen Kassam, spotted him on a treadmill at the gym one day, and decided at that moment she was going to change his life - but she didn't know how. After approaching him, she found out that Adam was unemployed and living on a disability pay check. To her surprise, his roommate and dear friend had come forward with a cheque to pay for 100 sessions of personal training. His friend had just been given her grandmothers' inheritance money and wanted to make a difference in Adam's life. 

Noreen is certified through Metabolic Balance®.

After taking the Metabolic Balance® course, she implemented the 8 rules into his diet, and continued to train him three times per week - which has lead to incredible results.

Adam went from being 471 lbs (49% body fat) in August 2011, to 274 lbs (30% body fat) in February 2013. His success has been so inspirational, and he continues to send food logs through email to his trainer each day. 

In March 2013, he finally got his blood work done, and his values were nothing short of impressive. He obtained his first official Metabolic Balance® plan, and in 2 weeks has already dropped another 21 lbs! 

We will continue to watch Adam get to his goal weight of 200 lbs, and watch his fitness develop as he is now able to do push ups, sprints, farmers walks, bear crawls, dead lifts and squats at ease! He feels great, shows off his results to everyone who will listen, and has a large facebook and twitter following of people - including weight loss celebrities such as Chris Powell.

We will keep updating you on his progress!

Adam T., age 40

Lost around 197 lbs

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