Success Story

This is the story of my weight loss and
a life change with Metabolic Balance...

...I put on a lot of weight during the pregnancy of my first child 27 years ago.  Seven years later I gave birth to my second child.  I was already overweight then and during the second pregnancy I put on a lot more.

About two months after that I heard about some new diet and I decided to try it.  In six months I lost a lot of weight but then I gained all that weight back and more!  I was twice the size I was before I started that diet!

Then I decided to try everything that I would see: diets, supplements, shakes… with some of them I was losing weight but again I was gaining it all back and more!

I reached to a point that I was so stressed and depressed that just by trying to lose weight I was gaining more and more.

Two years ago it was my 25th anniversary and my husband wanted to go to Cuba with family and friends.
I didn’t want to go because of my weight.  I wasn’t comfortable around people at the beach but my husband insisted and I decided to go.

In Cuba I didn’t enjoy anything, I was ashamed of myself, I felt very bad.  Also in the plane I couldn’t fit in the seat… that’s when I decided I had to do something about it.

I talked to Melissa Pancini (Metabolic Balance Coach) and she told me about Metabolic Balance;
I decided to do it. I did the blood test and started with my meal plan… the pounds started to melt away…

Within a year I lost 150lbs!  Metabolic Balance changed my life, now I am a happy and healthy person.
I am so proud of myself, so is my family.  It’s been almost two years and I have maintained my weight.
I went to Cuba again and this time I enjoyed every minute of it!  And I fit very comfortably in the plane!  

Now I know there is no magic pill, we need real food.  I am so grateful that I joined the  Metabolic Balance®, it changed my life, made me a happy and healthy person. I want to thank Melissa Pancini for her kindness, help and support."

Ane P., age 49

Lost around 115 lbs

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