The concept

Metabolic Balance was developed from the knowledge that our daily food has an enormous influence on the body.

The meal plan is individually tailored to your needs.

At Metabolic Balance, we believe that adequate food for the body should be as natural as possible. The more food has been processed and the more additives have been added to it, the more likely it will negatively affect the body. This is why Metabolic Balance recommends local, natural and organic foods that are as fresh as possible.


Note: The Program is in no way a replacement of or substitute for medical consultation with your personal physician(s).



What does the plan tell you?

Metabolic Balance is a comprehensive concept based on intensive and individual consultations with your coach as well as the creation of an individual meal plan.

Your personalized Metabolic Balance plan shows:

  • which foods to eat to provide the right nutrients you need
  • in what quantities these foods should be eaten
  • in which combination foods are best for you
  • when and how to consume these foods
  • how to maintain your new eating habits for long term sustainable success

Individual and unique

Just like your fingerprint!

Each plan is unique, because it is created using:

  • your blood values
  • your body measurements
  • your personal data



Benefits of the Metabolic Balance program

The Metabolic Balance program can help you shed pounds quickly, while creating sustainable and long-term weight regulation. Independent studies have found that the Metabolic Balance program is one of the top weight loss programs out there today.


The 4 phases

Step by step to your goal weight

The Metabolic Balance program is based on four phases. The duration of the phases will depend on the individual  goal. 

This is the preparation phase which lasts for 2 days. On Day 1 you may have a digestive cleanse using the right method agreed with your coach. This is usually using a magnesium supplement, psyllium husks or natural laxative.
The strict phase lasts for 14 days. In this phase you should stick rigidly to the plan during these two weeks. It can be challenging to focus on the rules – but it will be so worth it!
Even in “Phase 2 with oil” you should follow your plan exactly. However, you will also be allowed to have occasional “cheat / treat” meals. According to our observations, the clients who initially stick to their plans as long as possible and without any exceptions have the most long-lasting success. 
In Phase 3, the amount of food is slowly increased, and new foods are introduced to the diet. In this phase, clients often find that they no longer experience reactions to food in a negative way. You will find your taste has changed. For instance, even given the opportunity, you likely no longer be in the mood to eat foods such as sweets, burgers and processed foods.
This is the maintenance phase of Metabolic Balance. Now you should know what foods are best for you. In this phase, 80% of the successful clients will continue to adhere to their plans, while 20% follow their own paths. 

How to get started?

You can achieve your goal much faster than you think

With Metabolic Balance you receive a unique and individually tailored meal plan that supports you on your way to achieving your personal goals. 

Would you like personal support from a Metabolic Balance coach at your place of residence? You’ll find your coach in our online database.
You will get to know all about Metabolic Balance and discuss your weight goals and preferences, while providing your personal data to your coach.
The analysis of your blood values forms the basis for the creation of your individualized meal plan.                   
You will receive your individualized meal plan with healthy, varied meals. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to change your diet. The 8 rules and the official Metabolic Balance app are there to help you out. 
You have your Metabolic Balance coach at your side right from the start, and that includes in person or online support. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your coach at any time.

You are not alone

Remember, you have your Metabolic Balance coach by your side. Your coach will respond to your individual needs and accompany you throughout the four phases of the program!

More than 1 million people have already successfully participated in the Metabolic Balance program.

Become a part of our community today!