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Hi! I'm Azadeh, a wife, mom, nutritionist and a mindset coach. I specialize in weight loss, digestion issues and mental health. 

My passion is to connect clients with personalized nutrition and mindset practices for their best possible health outcome. 

My own journey started in 2017. I was not feeling satisfied with my life. In my head, I had so many reasons to feel depressed, tired and drained. I was trying everything and I still couldn't find a solution or answers to my problems. 

I committed to find a better way. I quit my job, and started looking into my problems more holistically, instead of trying to find answers on the surface. That's when I started my certification and nutrition practice, and really dug deep into the root causes of suffering caused by mind-body disconnection. Metabolic Balance then came into my life, which helped me focus my practice on digestion, nutrition and thyroid issues in my daughter, myself and my clients.

Whether you’re looking for a free holistic nutrition consultation or need a more in-depth wellness plan, I can help. All it takes to get started is a quick and easy strategy call that you can BOOK RIGHT NOW. 

If you need an appointment outside of business hours, please email me at


"Where do I start! Her name says it all. (Free/ release) Freeing people from their unconscious mind to improve themselves in every aspects of their lives… Azadeh is passionate, kind and easy to talk to… it’s been my greatest pleasure working with her… I strongly recommend this program and her as a coach… thank you for all you do." - Katherin Sohrabian 

"Thank you Holisticwise; the program is amazing. So easy to follow and it has completely changed my relationship with food, the scale and the mirror! It has given me the tools to not only transform my body but my mind too. This program guided me more than just what to eat, as uses psychology to help me understand and build healthier habits and directed me how to make changes to my daily food choices to develop a sustainable healthier lifestyle and achieve weight loss success. I lost 20 lbs in less than 90 days and the most important part is my energy level which is much higher than before. No more menopause symptoms! Can you believe it? I am in phase 3 right now and I can say I look at foods in a very different way. I highly recommend Holisticwise to anyone who is ready to make a real change in their life." - Mahtab Riahi 

About us

I help busy women to leave constant dieting behind and lose those extra pounds. With my unique approach to weight loss  invites you to partake in a judgment-free, safe space where I welcome vulnerability, mindfulness, and connection as a tool to promote healthy lifestyle choices while changing undesirable habits. Let’s ditch the unsustainable diets and eliminate your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from feeling awesome, happy and sexy again!

For more information, visit my website at


Reset for Weight Loss + Mindset
Reset for Digestion
Reset for Weight Loss + Digestion

This program is designed to help you how to discover your true potential and how to breakthrough your habits that are not serving you.

Transform & Transend
This comprehensive package is Reset + Revive. A solution for being transformed and transcended.

If you need an appointment outside of business hours, please email me at


"Amazing coach. Azadeh has such a soft spirit that makes it easy to feel safe and share your problems with her without judgement, however she has this ease of sharing what you need to hear to get you to your goals. I always look forward to our sessions and I'm excited to continue working with her in the future. Everyone needs a coach and I am grateful that she is mine." - Michelle Tran

I just started working with Azadeh about 6 months ago, she is brilliant with attentive warmth. She is a researcher into your personal story, and a field guide with a very kind heart. She's always available and very responsible when it comes to my health. I am convinced of this, that though I feel overwhelmed in this moment on my own beginning journey working with her, she perfectly knows how to navigate my health to the better way of life and eating habits. She is very professional and exceptional. I highly recommend her. Thank you Azadeh, for your great work." - Elham Aaraboff

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