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The Metabolic Balance® program is a sophisticated nutrition system based on the client’s blood values and unique health profile. It was founded by Dr. Wolf Funfack and originated in 2001 in Isen nearby Munich/Germany. Today, Metabolic Balance® has become a global company which is present in more than 35 countries. More than half a million people practice the program worldwide. GET Nutrition Consulting Inc. was etablished in 2011 to bring Metabolic Balance® to Canada, and is headquartered in Oakville, Ontario. Our team's purpose is to bring long term optimized wellness, ideal weight and physical harmony to all our clients.



Dr. med. Wolf Funfack (1946-2013) - MD for Internal Medicine and Nutritional
Medicine and Founder of Metabolic Balance®

Development 2001 together with Mrs. Silvia Bürkle Dipl.Ing. (Master of Science) for nutritional technics.Participants are being coached by more than 3.000 MDs, health practitioners, nutritional counselors and pharmacists, after they were following a 3 day personal education taught by Dr. Funfack which is being followed by an exam prior to receiving a certificate as Metabolic Balance® coach. Meanwhile, the method has reached more than 35 countries and is still in strong continuous growth.



Ms. Vera Jamin - CEO, Sales and Advertising Manager metabolic balance Canada

Vera Jamin is responsible for our strategic direction, market development, and business operations. In close collaboration with the board of directors and with the support of the German experts, Vera will focus Metabolic Balance® Canada on reaching its goal of becoming the premier nutrition program in the Canadian market and on achieving its strategic objectives. Vera devoted her entire professional career to health and wellness – as academic advisor and coach for Metabolic Balance® as well as teacher. This wealth of experience has given her great insight into the great challenges people face when adjusting to a healthier lifestyle. Her masters in business administration from the University of Erding in Germany allows her to pragmatically tailor the Metabolic Balance® plan to maximize the results and the program's value. As Director of Sales and Marketing, she oversees and promotes objectives that increase the awareness and market-share of Metabolic Balance®.




Mrs. Birgit Funfack - CEO, Co-Founder of Metabolic Balance Headquarters, Germany

For more than 20 years Birgit Funfack has been active in the healthcare industry as a lecturer and natural healer.

Her expertise includes Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psychokinesiology and Systemics.

Since the day she started her academic career the topics of obesity and healthy nutrition have been of profound interest to her. She teamed up with Dr. Funfack and Mrs. Bürkle and founded the Metabolic Balance GmbH & Co. KG .

Since 2002 she has led Metabolic Balance GmbH &Co. KG as its managing director.



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