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Address: 7575 Black Walnut Trail Mississauga - ON



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As for my background, I am a Dietitian from Brazil. With a postgraduate degree in Functional Nutrition and phytotherapy, I have been helping people transform their health habits for 14 years. Here in Canada, I started my career as a nutritionist in 2019, in Nutrition and Food Management, becoming an active member of the CSNM (Canadian Society of Nutrition Managers), and now, a future Holistic Nutritionist.

The metabolic balance nutritional program caught my attention because it meets my work philosophy: it considers that every person is unique, therefore the foods are also unique. Individualized meal plans, hormone regulation, and individualized consultations are the key to Metabolic Balance's success. Still combined with the Metabolic Balance technique, I use Metabolic Tracking Questionnaires, Signs and Symptoms Tracking, and it is possible to combine Detoxification and Dietary Re-education Programs!

I help those who struggle to balance their health, hormones, and body weight, seeking health, vitality, and balance through healthy eating.

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